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Christian Women’s Club

Every 3rd Tuesday at 9am the Christian Women’s Club gathers for brunch, fellowship and to hear motivational and informative speakers. These monthly events are held at the Billings Convention Center, just off Mullowney Lane.
Call 406-534-1213 for tickets and information. This is wonderful opportunity for women from all different churches to gather and enjoy one another. Call 406-534-1213.



Native missionaries on the frontlines in Asia are reaching many poor people with the Gospel in the slums and squatter areas. These new believers will never have the money to buy a Bible. We know many believers who have been praying years for their own Bible. This may seem small to you, but to them it will be a great thing if you will help. Please pray, please give, please become involved and go. Call Lift Jesus Higher Ministries at 406-650-1911, or e-mail: 


Rock and Roll Religion

mixes rock, blues, folk and eclectic tunes with spirituality and social justice every Saturday afternoon at 5:00pm at the First Presbyterian Church of Billings at 13th and Poly. The public is invited to participate in an experimental, evolving, mindful and interactive worship service. A live band provides the music. It's followed by free food. For information, call 252-3434.