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The new Update Magazine is coming out in January and wed like to include you in the "We Love KURL" page. 

For a suggested gift of $45, we will put your family's names in bold type along with other KURL listeners on the We Love KURL page. 

We Love KURL deadline is Nov 27.

Send your information to herm  @ OR use the form below and then settle up either on our Pay Pal  link at the top, right side of the page or by sending a check to KURL, PO Box 30315, Billings, Mt. 59107. And show your support of local Christian radio. 

All gifts will go toward the expenses of KURL.

A very special thanks from all of us at KURL 93.3 FM!

Update Magazine will be published in January 2018. 

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While supplies last, every We Love KURL person will receive a devotional cd from David Jeremiah!

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