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Pastor's Golf Tournament Results

This tournament began in 1991 and has provided a day of fun and fellowship for 26 years. 

2017 Pastor's Golf results:

Congratulations to Pastor Greg Payton and his partner, Nate Bailey, the winners of the KURL Pastorís Golf Traveling Trophy at this yearís tourney.


Del Wade/Jake McKinney 62 First place
Greg Payton/Nathan Bailey 64 2nd & Pastor's Trophy Winner
Wayne Bauer/Ned Johnerson 67 3rd place
Larry Bybee/Nathan Schug 68
Connor Solomon/Jim Olson 68
Pat Garrison/Steve Berg 69
Colton Hudson/Mike Hudson 71
Dave Oltrogge/Kevin Oltrogge 75
Steve Strutz/Jay Forseth 73
Doug Johnson/Steve Staebler 75
Randy Bodley/Don Vegge 75
Crull Chambless/Mike Perius dnf


Cody Tutt/Jared Tutt 70 first place
Randy Radford/Larry Williams 74 2nd
Robb Huston/Eric Patterson 76 3rd place
John Steele/David Brochu 76
Lance Kouba/Scott Brownson 77
Ken Adelblue/Dan Clevidence 80
John Gates/Doreen Gates 82
Kent Nelson/Ted Desaveur 85
Jim Beal/Don Beal 87

Heavenly Hackers

Ron Feneis/Al Wiese 77 - First Place
Jonathan Elenbaas/Herm Elenbaas 81 - 2nd place
Don Berger/Jim Brown - 3rd place  81
Rod Hesler/Randall Rice  83
Bill Poore/Larry Vigesaa  89
Josiah Kersten/Mark Charlton  97

Flag prize winners--

1. Long putt for par, $100 to Browns Auto
Don Vegge/Don Beal

2. Closest in One (Not a hole in one) Shipton's Big R
Al Wiese/Nate Schug

3. Closest shot from outside of 100 yards, $25 to Fuddruckers
Jake McKinney/Cruss Chambless

4. Longest putt 18 holes for two to Par Three (Non) YCC season pass & $25 to Octoberfest from YCC
Jared Tutt/Jay Forseth

6. Short drive golf balls from Wade Painting (both)
Don Beal/Rob Huston

7. Closest to the hole in two from the rough $25 to Jimmy Johns both
Jake McKinney

8. Long Putt Shipton's Big R Buckles. Family Life book and golf balls
Al Wiese/Jay Forseth

9. Closest in two Dinner for two at Golden Corral
Rod Hessler/Nate Schug

10. Closest to hole in two Shipton's Big R soap and shirt
Colton Hudson/Scott Brownson

12. Closest in one Focus on the family and Shiptons socks
Ned Johnerson/Bill Poore

14. Closest to the hole in 2 stocking caps and FOF and Lake Hills golf
Nate Bailey/Scott Brownson

15. Closest Mulligan in one $100 to Tony Lama and Justin catalogs.
Rodd Wohfeil  Pat Garrison

17. Long mulligan putt Don Vegge Golf Balls
Jim Olson/Greg Payton

18. Long drive in fairway Coffee Mugs
Jake McKinney/ Steve Strutz

$500 recliner from Ashley Furniture Homestore. -  Jay Forseth

golf umbrella from Shiptons. - Steve Strutz

Congrats to our many flag winners and thanks to our incredibly generous flag prize donors!


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