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KURL 93.3 FM
PO Box 30315
Billings, Mt. 59107


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KURL Radio-FM 93.3

KURL Radio, Billings, is a powerful station with a 50-plus year tradition of quality, Christian radio programming in the market. Since, 1962, we’ve carried a religious, community-minded format. KURL is the only locally-owned and locally originating Christian station in the Billings area. And while the artists and speakers have obviously changed, the station continues to feature an exceptional line-up of nationally-known Bible teachers and commentators, SRN news, outstanding local church pulpit ministries, and a bright, fresh music format featuring the best Christian music targeted to the prime, 35-plus age group.

KURL Radio delivers quality customers for your business or service:

How does radio compare with other forms of advertising?


1) They stay with our station. Many of our listeners count themselves as long-time listeners and our many fun promotions are constantly attracting new listeners.

2) They listen longer and respond to advertisers. The typical listener keeps KURL on several hours a day, often not listening to other media. Our format is a high attention format that requires a response. Our national programs often comment on the high responsiveness of our audience to their programs through the internet, phone and mail. This same attentiveness carries over the advertisements.

3) The loyalty factor. Our advertisers tell us that KURL listeners respond. They often identify themselves as KURL listeners when they do business, sometimes even thanking them for using their favorite station. This is not done for special discounts or freebies.. it’s a genuine response.

4) Bigger family groups. We have a family-oriented format including the only radio drama offered on Billings’ commercial radio. That means bigger purchases and purchases of products for household members even outside of our target audience.

5) Bonus reach. Nearly 1/3rd of our audience hales from outside of Yellowstone County, living in the prime area that depends on Billings merchants. Our clear, 100,000 watt signal at 93.3 FM carries your business message a minimum of a 100 miles radius of Billings, delivering more people to your business to shop.

Thanks for your inquiry about KURL! We would appreciate the opportunity to generate new customers and improve the bottom line of your business.

Advertising Rates


# Times Monthly AAA AA A
100x $6.00/$9.50 $5.00/$8.00 $4.50/$7.50
75x $6.25/$9.75 $5.25/$8.25 $4.75/$7.75
50x $6.50/$10.00 $5.50/$8.50 $5.00/$8.00
25x $6.75/$10.25  $5.75/$8.75 $5.25/$8.25
10x $7.00/$10.50 $6.00/$9.00 $5.50/$8.50

*15-seconds on ROS - 2/3rds of 30-second rate.

AAA - Drive times or specific times (all ads placed between 6a-9a & 4p-6p)
AA - Weekday ROS (1/3rd of your schedule guaranteed AAA times, all others 6a-8p)
A - All ads placed on an equal rotation between 6a-10:30p on days desired.

Special packages

Guaranteed program adjacencies ( as available) 30-seconds ($135/month) 60-seconds ($180/month)*
*Focus on the Family & Dave Ramsey Show 30-second only $150/month. banners & sponsorship quoted on request.
Program rotator---(2) 30-second ads per day Monday-Saturday (3-month minimum) rotated near teaching programs $235.00/month
Weather sponsorships: 15-second live or recorded copy Monday-Saturday
3x a day $150/month, 2x a day $120/month, 1x a day $85/month
Seasonal high school and college live sports packages available.

Rate Information:

Remotes available-rates quoted on request; Rates above are gross and commissionable to recognized advertising agencies; No cash discounts; Political rates quoted as net to station and are available to authorized candidates; Statements are rendered monthly and payment is due within 30 days of billing; Rates include reasonable production; Short rate applicable on terminated contracts.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 30315, Billings, Mt. 59107
Shipping address: 636 Haugen St., Billings, Mt. 59101
Phone: (406) 245-3121, Fax: (406) 245-0822

Church Locator is available free of charge by calling KURL Radio, (406) 245-3121